Experience one of Sweden’s biggest historic festivals, with medieval music, theatre, markets, crafts, tournaments, lectures and courses. Over 300 events with a mixture of history and legend, in earnest or for fun. Tournaments all over Gotland during July and the Medieval Week.

The Medieval Week’s homepage

The Roma Theatre at Roma Abbey is one of Sweden’s most beautiful summer stages. Enjoy high-class acting as the sun sets and makes way for theatrical lighting and mysticism. The summer production runs June through mid-August and an evening in the abbey is a must each summer!

Playing all summer from June 26th

In the middle of July each year, over 2,000 athletes participate in the Gotland olympics, a folk festival lasting five days. Here, athletes compete in traditional Gotland sports such as “pärk”, “varpa” and “Gotland pentathlon”.

July 10th – July 14th

Join us to celebrate Gotland’s harvest! During the festival weekend, get to know food craftsmen, food and beverage producers and food companies. In addition, there are numerous activities for children. Smell, taste, socialise and enjoy!

September 7th – September 8th