Gotland – the perfect place for a cruise stop!

Gotland is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions, perhaps also because it is one of the sunniest places in the country. With its short distances, you can get around quickly to enjoy sun, swimming, unique nature and open landscapes, the beautiful coastline and an extensive number of activities. In addition, Gotland offer an exciting cultural heritage and history to discover as well as local produce and world-class food to enjoy.

Gotland, the largest island in Sweden, is located about 100 kilometres off the mainland. Hundreds of millions years ago, it was located close to the equator, which shaped the island and gave it its very own singular landscape. Its fossil-rich limestone, weather and wawes created a thoroughly unique nature, characterised by its sea stacks. The sea stacks can be explored at any time of the year and you can also visit other historical attractions such as old church ruins and stone ships.

At one time, Gotland was the Hansaetic epicentre, with Visby as the capital of the Baltic area. Since 1995, the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

VISBY – a teeming cultural heritage

Few cities have such a unique combination of old and new as Visby. Surrounded by the well-preserved city wall, this former Hanseatic city offers a cultural heritage, beautiful cloister ruins and inviting cobblestone alleyways, as well as world-class culinary experiences, after-beach parties, night clubs that boast the sea as their backdrop and concerts and gigs in mighty stone vaults. Visby is teeming, and it’s up to you if you want to relax or party, in the past or the present.

At one time, Visby was the capital of the Baltic and the Hanseatic epicentre. Since 1995, the city has been a UNESCO world heritage site. Being a world heritage site has its obligations and Visby delivers extraordinarily. Here, people live. They go to work, they go to school. They exercise. They socialise.

The well-preserved 13th century city wall encapsulates the city centre and by simply wandering around the cobblestone streets, you encounter breathtaking old cloister ruins and historical buildings. In the Visby of today old meets new and high-class restaurants, cosy cafés and exciting shops abound.

Many people view Visby as a summer city. And Visby in the summer delivers roses, indoor and outdoor restaurants and after beach activities. But few cities can top the beauty of Visby in its autumnal vestments. A tour around the city wall in October offers bursts of colour that are hard to beat. Such tours are best ended with a cup of coffee at a café and a bit of local shopping. Though Gotland can rarely guarantee snow, it is nonetheless worth visiting when the snow has fallen like a blanket over the cobblestones and roof tops. In December, there are Advent activities aplenty, from Christmas markets and concerts, to the Medieval Christmas event.

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